Brain’s Fetter…

Brain’s Fetter…

The whole world was hiding in the woods suddenly came out of the womb of woods and started making the cacophony of unsolicited race. A human who was once struggling for a day’s food has suddenly started dominating the aura of the Universe in connivance with technology. While doing so, he forgot that; he is just a passer-by, not a permanent resident of the planet. The Universe directly or indirectly has warned the human beings plenty of time with the chronology of his actions but in vain. Human beings kept themselves deaf and dumb. They do not know that they are serving camouflages created by physical properties.

While doing so, he feels the void internally between his spirit and the superpower. This internal void shams his existence if not addressed on time. It scrawls like sigmoid means one side of the curve stretches him to materialism and the other side to spirituality. The game of bewilderment reckons, and the human being cannot delineate himself from anything. He gets bewildered between material or spiritual attainment. This way, the human being starts proving his contentions based on conjecture and surmises. The next whirlpool which scrawls him is pleasure, where he gets confused with it. With this, the camouflage gets bigger. It convinces the human being that this is real happiness. To further confirm, it takes the help of the human brain by soliciting that whatever human is feeling is happiness by rationalizing in comparison with others’ state of mind.

It is not easy to decipher the camouflage. If you can do it, the subsequent challenge will be to confer with the people around. From here, the perpetual altercations will take off. It will either end up in an astringent fight or a bad relationship. Once one reaches this stage, he would like to have a tête-à-tête conversation with himself. Of course, this will persuade you to compromise. We are all guided by material properties, which secretly dominate our embedded happiness and succeed in shattering our powers. Everyone knowingly or unknowingly remains busy in rationalizing the balance between physical and spiritual attainment.

We feel happy when the soul wins over material properties; on the contrary, sad when material properties win over the soul.

Who is evading the embedded happiness? Albeit, it’s been a big puzzle since ancient times but can be decoded if pondered upon for a while? It is the brain in connivance with physical properties, creating the perpetual fetter which reciprocates only sadness nothing else. Hence, break all the brain’s limits right now to live your life like an angel who is always free from all the sins and remains inflated with happiness and bliss only.

|| Be Happy Always ||

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Ploy Of Life…

Ploy Of Life…

When things are moving their way, why do you strategies to move them in your way? If you do, then expect both the outputs of success and failure. Sometimes, our brain gets brimmed with only success, which ultimately forces us to dream only about success. During that flux, our brain forgets that he has not planned about the deviations.

Success and failure are the two parameters created by the Universe to adjudge the capability of a human being. It means the Universe wants to assess our behavior during these two phases. If we become happy enough during success vis-à-vis sad enough during failure, it indicates we are the owner of the fragile personality.

If it is a success, enjoy it with vigor and excitement but not with overexcitement. On the other hand, if it is a failure, stand firmly and adamantly with it to tell that you can be disturbed but not shaken. Life will flow as per its course, and we have to craft its beauty as per our course. That’s what life is.

Rajesh’s quotes

“Break the lockup of thoughts and live free.”— Rajesh Walecha

|| Be Happy Always ||

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Ostensible Reverberation…

Life is an enigma for everyone. Everybody is trying to define it the way they feel reverberating. But, ostensibly, it is not true as people experience it. Life is simple when we live it and complex when we want to craft it as per others’ styles.

Okay! Let me ask, do we live our lives as we portray? Perhaps, No. Which becomes the core of all the problems in context to living a life. Billions of people are passing through; the phenomena of life, but the bitter truth is that they are not living as per their choice. They are putting a hell lot of their productive energy to convert their life into a photocopy of others’ life. It means they are working hard to throw away the genuineness of their life.

Why am I saying so? Because I have seen people are in a battle with their life. Life is proposing beautiful melodies in their tray of day, and people are discarding it off; by comparing it with others’ tray of proposals by life. They forget that creator is creating the unique life within life; hence, the proposal; of glory will also be unique and different.

“For how long we will battle, one day we will have to negotiate our ego for peace.”-Rajesh Walecha

Goodreads Quotes

Nothing is small and big in this universe. Our perspective defines its dimension. We waste much of our time in regurgitation: If we are not able to correlate it. I’ll suggest; focus on a dot for a short duration. You will see that dot will start opening the door to the universe with infinite dimensions. While we regurgitate, we bound ourselves into the loop of time, which keeps rotating us on similar dimensions, again and again. If we let go of everything the way it is going, we protect ourselves from being looped and from the time rotation of situations.

Rajesh’s quotes

“Only the first ray of the Sun represents hope, rest all give birth to habit.”— Rajesh Walecha

Hence, testudinate your aura with positivity and adopt the attitude of let go; this way, you will always feel happy.

|| Be Happy Always ||

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Game Of The Day And The Night…

Countless circles are orbiting. Weathering is pushing everything under metamorphosis, and different potions are nurturing the woods. We’ve been the residents of the earth are trying hard to master everything around us. The act of controlling things is not wrong. But when we master them to calm down our Ego, then; it becomes an act that is full of plight. We ought to master everything with condition less love. The Sun burns itself for enlightening the Universe, The Sea evaporates themselves to generate potion for the coming generations, The woods worship standing on their toes to bear fruits for the dependents, The air blows for every one of us unconditionally so on. So many things happen unconditionally.

When might is right
left becomes right
Grubs excavate the Earth with tight plight
The excavated Earth is used by termite
Whether it's the day or the night
The Universe sings it's song of life
The human being thinks it's his right
It's the game of the day and the night
But we don't know whether the day will follow the night
Hug everyone with love if you can
How does it matter whether he was wrong or right! ©Rajeshwalecha

||Love is love for everyone, by love, with love. Hence, love everyone and be happy always||


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Role To Play…

|| Be Happy Always ||

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Love- If It Exists…

Love- If It Exists…

I am wandering on a different planet with different biodiversity. People of this planet do not run for needs, food, and money. They are trying to solve their entangled life with others and with the help of love. They get everything of their desire as per their bonding of love with others. Those who are having a higher number of love bonds are rich. People of this planet do not understand currency. Only love makes them eligible for everything of their desire. Every desire beyond imagination is defined and displayed with the number of love bonds to achieve their desire portrayed everywhere, starting from a public place. Their gesture and posture are full of love; I would say it makes you addicted to love. Light emits from birds, animals, reptiles, and other forms of life. Water speaks and blesses everyone who goes to him for quenching thirst. Trees move and organize their fallen leaves on their own. They serve their fruits to each and everyone, and in return, people serve trees with natural compost and water. The Sun, Moon, and Air speak with the residents of the planet.

People do not cry here and do not have any problems like stress and diseases in their life. They are living their life in synchronization with love. Natural powers are there to heal their problems. While observing all this, I asked them, how can they do all this? They asked me about my planet. I told them about my origin that; I am from The Earth, where everything is available similar to their planet. Still, people are not happy like them. They keep running for currency only. If they get it, they feel ‘happy’ and vice versa. People show synthetic love to each other for their gain. We also have The Sun, Moon, Trees, Water, and Air, but they do not speak. Trees are there, but they do not organize themselves.

People of that planet answered, ” This is because love is not practiced there on your planet. We practice love, answered I. They said, no, it is not love, which you practice; that is just a trap to persuade the other person about your mindset.

I asked them, what is love then? They answered the ‘love’ is a healing emotion “Accepting the person or a thing as it is. It means not to expect anything and accept, adopt, and serve it with happiness.

Love is a powerful emotion; it can heal every form of life.

|| Love everyone and be happy always ||

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What if everything starts happening as per our desire?

It happens always; If we…

Rajesh’s quotes

"Break the lockup of thoughts and live free."— Rajesh Walecha

|| Be Happy Always ||

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The Battle Of Throne…

The Battle Of Throne…

The era, people, lifestyle, and even the biodiversity around us have changed, but we are not ready to accept this. Everybody around the globe is trying to resist this change and grappling hard to bring back the Pre 2019 era. It has created a labyrinth around us. We are not able to define the right path for ourselves and our future generations.

What if you can catch hold of the sun in your fist and release it whenever you want? Will you count yourself as a superpower?

Of course, yes will be the answer. If I am not wrong, everybody is trying to bring back pre 2019 era but with a grotesque approach blended with a mellifluous voice. We had adopted a violent lurch towards nature. We all were trying to master the master. Even still, we are feeling the hiccups for that pre-2019 era acts. We ought not to be entangled with time because we cannot win him this way. If we want to win over him, we have to adapt and accept him. Once done then we will have to decipher his strategy.

The earth is a battle place, where a battle between life and death is a continuous process where life wins in the morning, and on the other side, death wins during the night. Life is not here to consume resources in the form of luxury, and death is not here to vacate the earth.

This battle is a battle between the powers of ‘The Light’ and ‘The Dark.’ Both are trying hard to conquer the planet. Life is brave enough; that is why she comes with a melodious voice. Whereas death is a coward, hence she attacks silently. It is sure whenever these two powers fight. Something will happen which will always be beyond control. It is the era where these two powers are fighting brutally. It may sound a bit bizarre. You may say what I am talking about in this scientific era.

Let me tell you, the term ‘the scientific era’ is a labyrinth created by the matrix of our brain. The presence of ‘science’; can not be denied, but it is not bigger than quantum science. When we can not decipher the process, which happens right in front of our eyes, always understand; it is empowered by; quantum science.

We are on a planet where if the wrong switch is triggered, it may vanish forever. It will not impact the Universe at all, but it will make us extinct.

Be careful while addressing your inquisitive thirst to avoid pushing unknown triggers. Live with love and be happy always. The pre-2019 era will never come if we will deliberately switch on the unknown triggers.

Rajesh’s quotes

"The change and the stubbornness will not compromise for peace, because the change is the life and the stubbornness is the death."— Rajesh Walecha

Distribute love, and live every moment with happiness.

|| Be Happy Always ||

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The Reality Of Reality…

The Reality Of Reality…

Rajesh’s quotes

"The concept of reality may be real on the earth, but it cannot work with the death."— Rajesh Walecha

Lifeworks on the principles of ‘Form’ and ‘Time.’ Whereas death believes in the principles of ‘Formless’ and ‘Timeless.’ They are inverse of each other. We keep on dreaming all the time; to create new forms and get ourselves registered in the success register of the big society, which has been called world by our ancestors. I raise a point here, whatever reality we are creating today, will it exist forever? Will it be able to maintain its form with the flow of time tides? If so, then I will call it a reality. If no, then I would say we are expert enough in creating the illusionary reality. The reality is we are afraid of self-perceived values and keep on building the castle of fear around us. It further intensifies when we tell ourselves not to go out of our build castle of fear. We are scared of losing the form and trance of time zone.

Reality born, lives, flourish, and dies with us.

Reality does not exist outside; instead, it is within us and keeps changing its dimensions from ‘Form’ to ‘Formless’ and ‘Time’ to ‘Timeless’ after a defined period.

‘Form’ and ‘Formless’ exist together.

Be Happy with the ‘Form’ and act as a hero to become ‘Formless.’

|| Be Happy Always ||

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And He Answered…

And He Answered…

Thinking about stopping the change is like trying to statue the tides of the sea. No matter how hard life is but it uses change for our betterment.

Can change be stopped, conquered, and changed?

Okay! Let us try to decipher it. The Universe teaches us every moment but, some of us observe and understand it, and on the other hand, some of us call it just a phenomenon. There are four types of seasons in a year, two types of times (Day & Night), and 86,400 moments in a day.

What do you think the Universe remains the same during these four seasons, times, and Moments. The answer is big ‘NO’; it changes its vegetation during the respective seasons, types of activities during the times, and pace of progression during the moments.

It never says the winter season was good and never gets nostalgic and used to anything. It just adapts and hosts the change beautifully. I have observed the Universal process for the last one year to find the answer to the question, ‘Can change be stopped, conquered, and changed?

Let me tell you the Universe answers every question if asked at right time.

I have visited places, interviewed people, and asked them, Do you like to change? The majority of the people answered, ‘No’ because it breaks their set pattern of addressing the things coming through change. I tried to decipher it with the help of the Universe.

It may sound a bit insane but, it is true. I adopted a different approach one evening; I asked this question from the Universe. It never says the winter season was good and never gets nostalgic and used to anything. It just adapts and hosts the change beautifully. I have observed the Universal process for the last one year to find the answer to the question, ‘Can change be stopped, conquered, and changed?

The Universe has answered my question silently. He said, yes, it can be. But before doing so, you have to adopt it silently. He said, from now onwards, observe whenever season changes, before changing myself, I; adopt them slowly. Likewise, when the day changes; into the night, I do not do it quickly; I hold it in the form of an evening. Moments keep on digressing their development.

I never leave my originality; instead, I juxtapose my capabilities of adopting and exploiting the change, and this way, I stop, conquer, and change the change. This way, the Universe has taught me, with love and said, Go and adopt your chance to stop, overcome, and change the change. Besides, he said in my ears; I love you.

|| Be Happy Always ||

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