Karmic Science…

Karmic Science…

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“Whatever we are doing here is being written there beyond the Earth and the Universe to reconcile. They do it to maintain the balance between deeds and greed.”— Rajesh Walecha

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|| Be Happy Always ||

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Happiness for You with Happiness!!!

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|| Be Happy Always ||

Your very own key to Happiness!

It was a year ago; when a random thought struck me at the end of a rather exhausting day. I realized that our generation has lost the art of being happy. It was when I first thought about writing ’50 Rules to Happiness in the Modern World’
It is a year later now; I am happy to announce that my passion project is ready to greet the world. I have spent many years chasing the concept of healthy happiness, and this book is my way of sharing my philosophies with the world.

I am happy to announce that the readers of my blog will be able to enjoy the kindle edition of this book for free for a limited period of time.

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|| Be Happy Always ||

Sky, Light & I…

Sky, Light, & I…

Deep down, have the desire of accomplishing the sky; I dreamt of reaching the stars, I was there, but the sky was as far as it was from my bed on the earth. I thought, might be in my next leap I will make it hence focused another anonymous planet, to reach, I reached there, but still, the sky was as far as it was from my bed on the earth. I felt that I hadn’t conquered even an inch of the sky. My monologue started snarking at me and was pushing me into delusion.

It was total dark, there was nothing else, but the splinter of accomplishment was on my brain. I saw a door there, knocked it but in vain. There was no response from the other side. I thought it was the extreme of delusion. Suddenly, a ray started beaming on my head. Suddenly every follicle of my hair activated and transmitted the light through me. This feeling was not less than a traverse of light from body to the abode of heaven. I was in absolute bewilderment while witnessing the bright light around me vis-à-vis the convergence of infinity with finite things during this traverse.

I shouted with the highest pitch of my voice, who is there? Why are bright lights making me blind? I am objective of billions as they try to find me through infinite methods of worship. “I am God,” said the bright light. I was speechless and, of course, stunned by my achievement. I got what many have dreamed since the billions of their birth.

Am I alright and awake? For sure, I am not in my dreams. These were the questions bombarding in my brain, and I asked God that I was there on the mission to accomplish the sky. I was surprised and asked how did I achieve you before the sky.

God smiled and asked me to see downward. It shocked me because it was the sky where I was standing. God told, that you humans always look upward in the pursuit of accomplishments. If you develop a habit of looking downward, perhaps you can acknowledge how is the universe’s matrix is helping to conquer all your missions for you.

You must feel blessed in the pursuit of achieving the sky, got me. Hence, I welcome you into my world, baby. Therefore, whenever you have a face-off, nothingness. Retrospect, and look downward, you will find some miraculous achievement.

Be Happy Always because we all descended from dark to light in the form of our life.

|| Be Happy Always ||

©Rajesh Walecha

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Who Will Mentor Us?…

Who Will Mentor Us?…

Rajesh’s quotes

“Surprisingly, history has no history for making new history, and as we humans are eager enough to fight, there will be no history to repeat history.”— Rajesh Walecha

War will not bring peace but love will.

|| Be Happy And Love Everyone Always ||

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Where does she exist?…

Where Does She Exist?…

Rajesh’s quotes

"Knowing the known is life, whereas knowing the unknown is spirituality."— Rajesh Walecha

Perhaps! The happiness exists between the two.

|| Be Happy Always ||

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Once Again The Ends Never End…

|| Be Happy Always ||

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The Only Rule Of Life…

The Only Rule Of Life…

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"Beauty is not beauty unless it is framed;life is not life unless it is lived happily!"— Rajesh Walecha

||Be Happy Always||

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On The Track Of Life…

On The Track Of Life…

Rajesh’s quotes

"The biggest lie is ‘Everything is a truth’ and the biggest truth is “Everything is a lie."— Rajesh Walecha

|| Be Happy Always ||

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Imagination Works Beyond Stars…

Imagination Works Beyond Stars…

I know, now and then, we all have curiosity about the origin of the Universe that piques in us to explore. We have spent trillions on its exploration and continue to spend on it. We are trying to decipher; that whether the Universe’s contraction and expansion are controlled by some laboratory forces or has some natural force behind them. We, human beings have the habit of being allured by distant objects and forces. We always have picturesque fantasies about them. We try to produce a facsimile of our imagination.

The subject imagination is very vast. We all know it can take us to places and even beyond The Earth, Space, and even stars. Nonetheless, the point is that can it take us there in reality? Nowadays, there is a race amongst the tech giants to reach space safely. They are planning to help people reach there. Besides, they are competing hard to make it a common practice, to travel across space. What if we reach there successfully and encounter some uncanny situation for which we do not have any strategy to deal with. We, human beings are fond of capturing and conquering places since the beginning.

We believe in trends which help us in material gains and of course, follow them and train our coming generations about them. New generations when they descend, feel whatever is happening around them is real and ought to be mastered. This way, the new brains waste their potential conscious energies while mastering the old trends.

To learn and imbibe new trends, one should practice imagination. I know this may sound insane but think for a while why every theory does not succeed every time despite being proclaimed as a perfect strategy.

Imagine before you strategize because the earlier one works more effectively than the latter.

Rajesh’s quotes

“Why we look onto others for playing the role of a ‘Hero’.”— Rajesh Walecha

|| Be Happy Always ||

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