Sky, Light & I…

Sky, Light, & I…

Deep down, have the desire of accomplishing the sky; I dreamt of reaching the stars, I was there, but the sky was as far as it was from my bed on the earth. I thought, might be in my next leap I will make it hence focused another anonymous planet, to reach, I reached there, but still, the sky was as far as it was from my bed on the earth. I felt that I hadn’t conquered even an inch of the sky. My monologue started snarking at me and was pushing me into delusion.

It was total dark, there was nothing else, but the splinter of accomplishment was on my brain. I saw a door there, knocked it but in vain. There was no response from the other side. I thought it was the extreme of delusion. Suddenly, a ray started beaming on my head. Suddenly every follicle of my hair activated and transmitted the light through me. This feeling was not less than a traverse of light from body to the abode of heaven. I was in absolute bewilderment while witnessing the bright light around me vis-à-vis the convergence of infinity with finite things during this traverse.

I shouted with the highest pitch of my voice, who is there? Why are bright lights making me blind? I am objective of billions as they try to find me through infinite methods of worship. “I am God,” said the bright light. I was speechless and, of course, stunned by my achievement. I got what many have dreamed since the billions of their birth.

Am I alright and awake? For sure, I am not in my dreams. These were the questions bombarding in my brain, and I asked God that I was there on the mission to accomplish the sky. I was surprised and asked how did I achieve you before the sky.

God smiled and asked me to see downward. It shocked me because it was the sky where I was standing. God told, that you humans always look upward in the pursuit of accomplishments. If you develop a habit of looking downward, perhaps you can acknowledge how is the universe’s matrix is helping to conquer all your missions for you.

You must feel blessed in the pursuit of achieving the sky, got me. Hence, I welcome you into my world, baby. Therefore, whenever you have a face-off, nothingness. Retrospect, and look downward, you will find some miraculous achievement.

Be Happy Always because we all descended from dark to light in the form of our life.

|| Be Happy Always ||

©Rajesh Walecha

Featured and Cover Image Courtesy:Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 


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