Who Will Mentor Us?…

Who Will Mentor Us?…

Rajesh’s quotes

“Surprisingly, history has no history for making new history, and as we humans are eager enough to fight, there will be no history to repeat history.”— Rajesh Walecha

War will not bring peace but love will.

|| Be Happy And Love Everyone Always ||

Featured and Cover Image Courtesy:Pete Linforth and Annette Jones from Pixabay


5 responses to “Who Will Mentor Us?…”

  1. It’s just the same story. Old scores to settle, new wounds to lick.

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    1. True, you are right. Those who face the war know the pain.Subsequently, who witness the war see people ‘licking their wounds.’ On the contrary, leaders substantiate it to their people with the narrative of ‘old score to settle’Hence war is not at all good for any country. Let’s solicit peace to the globe and pray to Almighty God for peace. Thank you for stopping by and investing valuable time.

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      1. You are welcome
        And i agree
        Let’s call for peace
        Solicit is a very good word
        Continue to pray.
        War is become so commonplace
        We lose sight of all the wars being fought all around the globe
        We pray and ask for peace.

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      2. Yes, you are right. We all must solicit peace because the life we have is not less than wonder and the land we live is not less than the Wonderland.

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      3. Yes the respect for boundaries and borders is lacking in many areas of the world.
        On the otherhand there is the utopian thinking of a globe without borders and boundaries
        The in walks sovereign land in rule.
        We’ve amounted to so much and so little


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