Last Tree & Last Breath…

Last Tree & Last Breath…

The speed of deforestation and raising the concrete jungles petrifies me every moment. Perhaps we human beings are naively thinking; that it will bring happiness and prosperity. To me, it seems like we are speaking longer than our tongue, thinking larger than infinity, and acting larger than our arms. Modernization is an innovative pursuit, but only when we do it for the betterment of humanity. On the contrary, it is a terrific monster when done with a selfish perspective.

Countries are vibrantly competing for their dominance in terms of infrastructure and technology. My question is: Are we planning to hand over the barren land to our coming generations? Scientists, researchers, and even school teachers are yelling and yelling loudly in the public domain and schools that there is no life without trees and vegetation.

We are spending a hell of a lot of money searching for life on other planets. Besides, we are not leaving a single stone unturned to make life a pursuit of struggle. Vegetation is just a noun; else, it is a life enabler.

“Trees are free to grow abundantly in our absence and more aggressively in silence. What about us? We can not think even forget about growth in their absence.”

Divine says:

Oh! Human Being; If you want to last forever. Don’t allow anyone to sharpen the ax for the last tree. Else be ready for the last breath. 

In nut-shell, we are not cutting the trees. Instead, we hit the ax on the chain of breath, which keeps us alive. Besides, Human Beings have stopped the barter system, but nature is still working on it for billions of years, and it will continue for billions of years in the future.

Do not start prancing on the act of modernization. Instead, think seriously about the tsunami which is coming through it.

Always remember; spirituality, divinity, happiness, and prosperity live in nature, not in the concretes.

|| Be Happy Always ||

Featured and Cover Image Courtesy:Constanze Riechert-Kurtze and DebraJean from Pixabay

13 responses to “Last Tree & Last Breath…”

  1. What you write is devastating for humanity. An obvious example is deforestation in the Brazilian jungle. It is a grotesque image to see how the forests are disappearing due to the felling of the trees and hundreds of kilometers of pure land remain in the middle of the tropical forest. As you say, the profit motive of powerful companies has no limits. And to that we must add that the president of Brazil, Bolsonaro, approved with a Law, so that they carry out these works. Your post is very good, it makes us see clearly the meaning of taking care of the air we breathe. Greetings.
    Manuel Angel (Chile-South America)

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    1. Thank you for bestowing the divine words for my work, Manuel. I am glad you like my work. You are right deforestation is presenting not only a grotesque image instead, but it is also proving to be an act of devastation for the existence of human beings. It petrifies me every moment and pushes me into the whirlpool of worries for the future of coming generations. I have narrated the situation, that is happening everywhere, every day, and every moment. I felt to share it through my blog. Maybe, it can create awareness among everyone to stop the hurricane of deforestation. I am happy enough, to know that my write-up is percolating deep down into society and creating awareness. “Trees are the creatures where life is banked-upon. Hence, we ought to serve every tree with dedication across the globe. Once again, thank you for stopping by and investing valuable time.

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      1. I think we should all put our grain of sand in this crusade that will serve to encourage people to take an interest in this serious problem. I am glad that, with your writings, more people can be added to be interested in what happens in the world’s forests. A big hug.

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        1. A very big hug to you too, Manuel! Yes, you are right, this is need of the time to put our hard work in this crusade to encourage people around the globe for arousing their interest. Once again thank you for stopping by and investing valuable time. Be Happy always.🎉🎉

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    2. Be Happy always!🎉🎉

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      1. Thank you very much for your good wishes.

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        1. You are welcome!🎉🎉

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  2. Last Tree and last Breath! So touching and true but are we human realizing that! Nope!

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    1. Thank you, bridge2nature! Everything is happening through words, so the divinity. I am glad you bestowed your divine feelings on my work. You are right, we human beings, are not realizing it despite knowing that the hurricane of devastation is knocking on the door every second. I am glad that my work has synchronized well with the Universe and was able to resonate with you. Once again thank you for stopping by and investing valuable time. Be Happy always.

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      1. Well, we will understand before it’s too late and post like this is inspiring, keep up good work

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        1. Thank you, bridge2nature! I am glad you like my work. Once again thank you for stopping by and investing valuable time.🎉🎉

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