Imagination Works Beyond Stars…

Imagination Works Beyond Stars…

I know, now and then, we all have curiosity about the origin of the Universe that piques in us to explore. We have spent trillions on its exploration and continue to spend on it. We are trying to decipher; that whether the Universe’s contraction and expansion are controlled by some laboratory forces or has some natural force behind them. We, human beings have the habit of being allured by distant objects and forces. We always have picturesque fantasies about them. We try to produce a facsimile of our imagination.

The subject imagination is very vast. We all know it can take us to places and even beyond The Earth, Space, and even stars. Nonetheless, the point is that can it take us there in reality? Nowadays, there is a race amongst the tech giants to reach space safely. They are planning to help people reach there. Besides, they are competing hard to make it a common practice, to travel across space. What if we reach there successfully and encounter some uncanny situation for which we do not have any strategy to deal with. We, human beings are fond of capturing and conquering places since the beginning.

We believe in trends which help us in material gains and of course, follow them and train our coming generations about them. New generations when they descend, feel whatever is happening around them is real and ought to be mastered. This way, the new brains waste their potential conscious energies while mastering the old trends.

To learn and imbibe new trends, one should practice imagination. I know this may sound insane but think for a while why every theory does not succeed every time despite being proclaimed as a perfect strategy.

Imagine before you strategize because the earlier one works more effectively than the latter.

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“Why we look onto others for playing the role of a ‘Hero’.”— Rajesh Walecha

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8 responses to “Imagination Works Beyond Stars…”

  1. ●We, human beings are fond of capturing and conquering places since the beginning.●

    Yes and oft with dire consequences.

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    1. You are right! Almost most of the problems will end If human being start pondering the consequences before his action. Once again thank you so much for stopping by and investing valuable time. I am glad you like my work.😊🎉💎


      1. Absolutely 🙂 you are most welcome. Thank you for sharing🎊.

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      2. You are always welcome!😊🎉🎉

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      3. Happy Thursday and thank you🙂🎊

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  2. Yes absolutely before doing something we need to imagine ! Well written thanks 💕😊🎉

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    1. You are welcome! Imagination is bliss; practice makes it more blissful. 💕😊🎉


      1. Yes absolutely! Stay blessed 🎉🤗


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