Brain’s Fetter…

Brain’s Fetter…

The whole world was hiding in the woods suddenly came out of the womb of woods and started making the cacophony of unsolicited race. A human who was once struggling for a day’s food has suddenly started dominating the aura of the Universe in connivance with technology. While doing so, he forgot that; he is just a passer-by, not a permanent resident of the planet. The Universe directly or indirectly has warned the human beings plenty of time with the chronology of his actions but in vain. Human beings kept themselves deaf and dumb. They do not know that they are serving camouflages created by physical properties.

While doing so, he feels the void internally between his spirit and the superpower. This internal void shams his existence if not addressed on time. It scrawls like sigmoid means one side of the curve stretches him to materialism and the other side to spirituality. The game of bewilderment reckons, and the human being cannot delineate himself from anything. He gets bewildered between material or spiritual attainment. This way, the human being starts proving his contentions based on conjecture and surmises. The next whirlpool which scrawls him is pleasure, where he gets confused with it. With this, the camouflage gets bigger. It convinces the human being that this is real happiness. To further confirm, it takes the help of the human brain by soliciting that whatever human is feeling is happiness by rationalizing in comparison with others’ state of mind.

It is not easy to decipher the camouflage. If you can do it, the subsequent challenge will be to confer with the people around. From here, the perpetual altercations will take off. It will either end up in an astringent fight or a bad relationship. Once one reaches this stage, he would like to have a tête-à-tête conversation with himself. Of course, this will persuade you to compromise. We are all guided by material properties, which secretly dominate our embedded happiness and succeed in shattering our powers. Everyone knowingly or unknowingly remains busy in rationalizing the balance between physical and spiritual attainment.

We feel happy when the soul wins over material properties; on the contrary, sad when material properties win over the soul.

Who is evading the embedded happiness? Albeit, it’s been a big puzzle since ancient times but can be decoded if pondered upon for a while? It is the brain in connivance with physical properties, creating the perpetual fetter which reciprocates only sadness nothing else. Hence, break all the brain’s limits right now to live your life like an angel who is always free from all the sins and remains inflated with happiness and bliss only.

|| Be Happy Always ||

Featured Image and Cover Image Courtesy: by Natalia Koroshchenko from Pixabay 

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