Ploy Of Life…

Ploy Of Life…

When things are moving their way, why do you strategies to move them in your way? If you do, then expect both the outputs of success and failure. Sometimes, our brain gets brimmed with only success, which ultimately forces us to dream only about success. During that flux, our brain forgets that he has not planned about the deviations.

Success and failure are the two parameters created by the Universe to adjudge the capability of a human being. It means the Universe wants to assess our behavior during these two phases. If we become happy enough during success vis-à-vis sad enough during failure, it indicates we are the owner of the fragile personality.

If it is a success, enjoy it with vigor and excitement but not with overexcitement. On the other hand, if it is a failure, stand firmly and adamantly with it to tell that you can be disturbed but not shaken. Life will flow as per its course, and we have to craft its beauty as per our course. That’s what life is.

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“Break the lockup of thoughts and live free.”— Rajesh Walecha

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|| Be Happy Always ||

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8 responses to “Ploy Of Life…”

  1. Oh, even so, it isn’t easy…lol

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    1. I agree, it isn’t that easy! Despite that we should try to reconcile our action plan with the life course to make ourselves and the world a happy place to live for! Thank you so much for stopping by and investing valuable time!😊💎❤️

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      1. This post lingered with me throughout the day, more in the direction of –
        Balancing those feelings of winning and losing, how to behave during these times
        As you pointed out, precisely because of the fear not to celebrate too much or to breakdown and weep.
        So my little laughter should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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      2. We are driven by material properties which secretly dominate our embedded happiness and succeed in shettering our real powers virtually. Everyone knowingly or unknowingly remains busy in rationalising the balance between material and spiritual powers. We feel happy when the soul wins over material properties and sad when material properties win over the soul. The best strategy for to be happy is to watch this internal battel between the two from outside.
        Whenever, I feel sad immediately decipher that material properties are winning over my soul. Hence, I try to connect with my soul and this way start my journey to happiness. This way I feel happy. I will try to elaborate this in my next post.
        Be Happy Always.😊❤️

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      3. Ok, I look forward to your next post

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      4. My pleasure! you are always welcome!😊🎉


      5. 🙂have a wonderful day

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      6. You too have a wonderful day ahead!😊🎉


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