Love- If It Exists…

Love- If It Exists…

I am wandering on a different planet with different biodiversity. People of this planet do not run for needs, food, and money. They are trying to solve their entangled life with others and with the help of love. They get everything of their desire as per their bonding of love with others. Those who are having a higher number of love bonds are rich. People of this planet do not understand currency. Only love makes them eligible for everything of their desire. Every desire beyond imagination is defined and displayed with the number of love bonds to achieve their desire portrayed everywhere, starting from a public place. Their gesture and posture are full of love; I would say it makes you addicted to love. Light emits from birds, animals, reptiles, and other forms of life. Water speaks and blesses everyone who goes to him for quenching thirst. Trees move and organize their fallen leaves on their own. They serve their fruits to each and everyone, and in return, people serve trees with natural compost and water. The Sun, Moon, and Air speak with the residents of the planet.

People do not cry here and do not have any problems like stress and diseases in their life. They are living their life in synchronization with love. Natural powers are there to heal their problems. While observing all this, I asked them, how can they do all this? They asked me about my planet. I told them about my origin that; I am from The Earth, where everything is available similar to their planet. Still, people are not happy like them. They keep running for currency only. If they get it, they feel ‘happy’ and vice versa. People show synthetic love to each other for their gain. We also have The Sun, Moon, Trees, Water, and Air, but they do not speak. Trees are there, but they do not organize themselves.

People of that planet answered, ” This is because love is not practiced there on your planet. We practice love, answered I. They said, no, it is not love, which you practice; that is just a trap to persuade the other person about your mindset.

I asked them, what is love then? They answered the ‘love’ is a healing emotion “Accepting the person or a thing as it is. It means not to expect anything and accept, adopt, and serve it with happiness.

Love is a powerful emotion; it can heal every form of life.

|| Love everyone and be happy always ||

Featured, Cover, and Post Image Courtesy: charnchai saeheng from Pixabay

9 responses to “Love- If It Exists…”

  1. you are on a wonderful planet!very nice!

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    1. Thank you, I am glad you like my work!😊🎉

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  2. Avatar

    Very interesting essay! Very true!

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    1. Thank you! I am glad you like my work! 😊🎉

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      1. Avatar

        Yes! 🤗🌼🌼

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  3. Lovely trip to the alternate planet
    Feels pure like the Garden of Eden I can imagine
    So it was

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    1. Thank you, I am glad you like my work!Yes, you are right, it was really a fabulous trip to the alternate planet. I was feeling it like an amazingly pure like the Garden of Eden! Once again thank you so much for stopping by and investing valuable time!😊🎉


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