Are you ready for ‘THE NEW’ ?…

I don’t know, why I can’t find myself in a space to write. While analyzing what I felt, I was given an astounding answer by my soul. A thought too bizarre, yet quintessential for peace to dawn over the future.

Maybe you would be feeling or not; we all are in a transonic stage means we are passing through a time zone at the speed of sound. Some of us are flowing with this transonic and some are objecting. This is the reason we can see people are divided according to their opinion.

Life is uncoiling itself at the speed of light; before I elaborate it, allow me to extend the concept:

We get life in the coiled form in anticlockwise direction and time zone uncoils it in the clockwise direction when life gets uncoiled fully, we move further.

Image by kewl from Pixabay
Image by kewl from Pixabay

Next, we’re passing through the transonic stage that means life has put itself in the top gear and things which are coming in our way or passing in a juxtapose are different and changing rapidly.

What I can foresee, after 2020, people will talk about life in pre-2020 and post-2020 era.

Post-2020 Era will be:

  • Dominated by a different kind of lifestyle.
  •  Life will be driven by an extremely advanced version of the technology.
  •  Dominated by Emotions’ trade.
  •  Dominated by individuality.

In this transonic and Post 2020 era we’ve to maintain our strong bond with the emotion of HAPPINESS by teaching our-self “Life is uncoiling very fast, do not allow life to uncoil a single moment without happiness.”

Remember Soul needs only one emotion that is Happiness.



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