Asymmetrical Symmetry…

The moment we attain perfection; the universe changes the riddle hence live and love every moment, do not try to decode it because in universe; symmetry lives in asymmetrical fashion as:

Image by Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay
Image by Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay

Flower lives in Bud.

Crop Lives in soil

Day Lives in Night

Light lives in Dark

Visible lives in Invisible

Life lives in Death

Success lives in Failure.

Symmetry lives in Asymmetrical fashion.


Featured Image Courtsey :Image by msandersmusic from Pixabay

Author: rajeshwalecha

Author Rajesh Walecha’s objective is success and happiness to all. He, like each of us, has been on his own journey of exploring facts. Along the way, he brought superb experiences and publishers to bring forth “Let’s talk” to the world, through his vision bring happiness and success to all.

34 thoughts on “Asymmetrical Symmetry…”

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Rajesh! You’ve stirred up the wonder!

    “Do not try to decode it.”

    This one is impossible for me because I am a truth seeker, and I love to unravel the mysteries of life!

    “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter” –Proverbs 25:2

    I will admit, that I don’t always enjoy a mystery, but I do enjoy the wonder and the searching! I’m glad that God doesn’t keep everything secret. He reveals His secrets to those who respect Him. ❤

    Thanks again for making me think of the wonder in everything! It makes me want to search and seek all the more. 😊

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    1. Absolutely right Michael, I agree with you “careful planning and execution without expectations of perfection” is mandatory. This is what I want to say, one must see positive in negative, good in bad without decoding it further.😊

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  2. It’s been a while because I was away from my PC! On another note … Hey!! Thanks for stopping by “It Is What It Is” … and the follow. Hope you enjoy your visits there!! Hugs … Peace!!’ __/l\__

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