Life a ‘Three Thing Challenge’…

Sitting on my desktop;enjoying the lavish lasagna no doubts gives a pleasure to neuron tissue. while visited deep in to pleasure only neurons and papillae were enjoying lasagna.

Immediately the next thought which was keeping my neurons busy this way or that way and was forcing my neurons to wander around. Sometime they were enjoying the pleasure of lasagna and asking question other time: Are we here to enjoy or to work?

Neurons were answering, we’re here for work otherwise how we’ll enjoy, on the other hand papillae were forcing if you’ll keep on working how we’ll enjoy new taste. Desktop enters the fight between the Neurons and Papillae and acts as a referee by narrating the meaning of life to them by three things. He says listen carefully:

Desktop means to work; lasagna means to enjoy; finally, one should work with ecstasy and enjoyment to keep every tissue happy.

The only act which can give you a feel of King size life when you work on your desktop; while enjoying your lasagna every tissue of your body should feel happy and give message of ecstasy to every neuron of yours.

Life also is a three thing challenge: Work, Enjoyment and Happiness which can be connected to Desktop, Lasagna and Tissue.


Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay
Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabaytion


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