Keep Wishing….

When we wish to transcend the boundaries of creativity; Perhaps, it locks its zone. Everything needs wildness to grow whether it is creativity or Life. Life is also a podium where we create a lot of things, consciously or unconsciously.

Creativity can not be done in a limited zone; it needs limitless area for to be exhibited. It can be substantiated with the example of a forest; it seems much more beautiful than a garden maintained by a Horticulturist.

dandelion-3940582_1920 (1)
Image by Kranich17 from Pixabay


Similarly, life also needs wild approach to get lucky. Luck does not work on an organized approach crafted by human being. It works on natural flow hence lose yourself to natural flow to get lucky.

Most of us keep setting goal to succeed in future. If you want to be a super lucky chap and succeed stop setting goal rather start wishing for the things subconsciously; you will start getting them sooner or later.

Wishing works more strongly than planning. Because when we interact with God and Universe subconsciously, they always ask about our wish not about our plan.

Keep wishing strongly!


2 responses to “Keep Wishing….”

  1. Wishing and dreaming keeps us going.

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    1. Absolutely True Dennis ! Wishing and dreaming act as driving forces.


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