Oh My God !

Oh My God ! we recite this phrase almost everyday, sometimes to express happiness and sometimes fear. Our life exists between these two ends of the same pole. When we have positive mood, we recite this phrase with happiness and when we are scared, we recite this phrase with fear.What exists between these two ends of the same pole is life.

We keep on orbiting around this pole of happiness and fear and keep fluctuating through mood swings. Surely you will be flabbergasted when you will know this;that we all are living in simulation. It means whatever we are experiencing here is being happening somewhere else too in this universe or may be in some other parallel universe. We all are very powerful entities created by God. We see our-selves as three-dimensional entities,let me tell you the secret,we are creatures of infinite dimensions,unfortunately we can see only three dimensions as our vision gets limited when we orbit around the pole of happiness and fear.

As you know, we allĀ  are running for three major enablers of life Knowledge,Money and comfort. If we get all these enablers of life we call our-self successful and of-course feel happy. Some people when they do not get all these enablers,they start considering themselves failures, which is not right.

Let me tell you the objective of our life is to be happy always,our soul is riding our body for happiness only. The day when we will be able to harness the power of happiness,it will be another evolution of human being. Hence be happy because you are a powerful multi-dimensional creature.




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